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Forced March

by Court Hoang

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This song is about codependency, as I and other close friends have experienced it. Fun fact: the chords for the verse are based on "Teddy Bear's Picnic March" - I took that melody and wrote new chords under it, because I originally wanted to record an old toy of mine playing the melody. I may still do it, one day. That's also where the title comes from.


My words are so unkind
Your lips are trembling
I can see them forming silent words as my
My hands are shaking, I
I never wanted to destroy you
Not before I had destroyed myself

You never knew the score
You never even had to notice
You were so far in the lead
Too good at carrying
All of the burdens that I placed upon
Your fragile little frame, my love

I drove for miles of this
Miles and miles of this
I drove for miles of this
Miles and miles for this

And I feel ashamed every time I see your face
And I never told you but I don't believe in love anymore
Just an endless race

My blood is on your hands
I cut myself with the knife you gave me
To begin again and my
My words are out of time
Out of a place so indescribable
You'll never understand
All of the hours I spent
Watching our life bleed out all too slowly
As it passes through my trembling hands

I drove for miles of this
Miles and miles of this
I drove for miles of this
Miles and miles for this


released September 3, 2016
acoustic guitar, vocals: Court Hoang

photo credit: Alex Blăjan



all rights reserved


Court Hoang Fort Worth, Texas

Court Hoang is a singer/songwriter, composer and actor based in Fort Worth, TX. Originally from Dallas, he's worked in California, Vietnam, and most recently Austin before moving back to north Texas. He has composed music for several stage plays in Los Angeles as well as in Austin, where he released his most recent album, Compass Rose (2013). ... more

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